The agreement on temporary emergency measures was reached in March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). “Therefore, I will keep WMT with the risk of losing the franchise, always very real.” West Midlands Trains have not fulfilled their obligations – to their franchise agreement and, above all, to their passengers. The actions we are taking mean that they must invest in the rapid improvement of services so that passengers have reliable and punctual trains that they can count on. There will be more than 300 additional Sunday services throughout the franchise, with most lines running on Saturday frequencies. There will be more evening and later Saturday connections from Birmingham and a new hourly link from Birmingham and Wolverhampton to Crewe by Stafford and Stoke-on-Trent. Franchise agreement and ancillary documents for West Midlands Trains Limited. The problem with WMT seems to be the same as most other franchises. the foreedification of executives/directors who have managed to unscrew significantly from other operators. For some reason, these 150K hooks go from one company to another and the whole point of the franchise change makes substantial improvements – don`t bring the mistakes of other failed operators to the new company. It is interesting to note that a franchisee with big plans to substantially change the business model had contacted front staff months before the introduction of the new schedule to managers stating that it would not work and explaining why. Then, months of surprise later, the new calendar came, did not work, and the exact reasons of the drivers, guards and station staff was predicted reality. I sometimes wonder if there is someone in management who has deliberately created this situation to defeat the franchisee, or if they are really so incapable of developing a plan that would clearly not work. The plans for the new franchise were built on requests from passengers during the public consultation and were developed in collaboration with west Midlands Rail Executive Limited (WMRE), a partnership of 16 authorities in the region.

This local cooperation continued throughout the franchise, with WMRE leading the implementation and management of the franchise in the West Midlands. These rail franchise agreements are published in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Franchise agreements are published by the Secretary of State in accordance with the exceptions authorized by the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Officials stated that since the May 2019 schedule change, WMT`s performance has deteriorated to such an end that it has moved beyond injury for minutes of reflection and has cancelled the objectives of franchise agreements. Trains in the West Midlands have improved since my ultimatum, but it`s still NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Well, today I am: 🚨see them in close verification with the lingering threat of the removal of the franchise 💰 Ask the government to impose a severe fine (1/2) This agreement replaces the previous West Midlands franchise agreement 2016. Redacted version of the emergency measures agreement, due to the pandemic covid-19, published. “I also said that the government`s review and its recommendations would be taken into account by the events.

The Conservative government has maintained a number of assisted living rail franchise contracts for political reasons. Arriva Rail North, First Transpennine Express, First/MTR South Western and Abellio Greater Anglia have all been described as zombie franchises. Abellio, which holds majority shares in West Midlands Trains and Greater Anglia, was also attacked by the Scottish Government, which will use a stop in the contract to end the Abellio ScotRail franchise in March 2022.