We generally approve these requests when the company does not cause disruption to your neighbours. We reserve the right to revoke our contract if your company disturbs your neighbours. If you sublet your home without authorization or in a way that breaks the terms of your rental agreement, we will take action against you. This could cause you to lose your home. It is a permanent rent of a Council land. If you are a safe tenant, we cannot dislodge you without a court order and possession can only be granted for certain reasons. There are other rights related to a secure lease, including the right to sell and the right of mutual exchange. If you leave items after the end of the lease, we can evacuate and dispose of the property. We will do so without giving you notice and you will be charged. If the property is not rented during daylight saving time, the owner is liable for the municipal tax and the entire municipal tax for that period. If it is not furnished, then the property will be vacated for a month, but this should be verified by an inspection of the property. If you are the owner of an empty and unb extrapolated property, please contact us at the ctax@welhat.gov.uk to arrange an inspection.

Full-time students are not considered for Council tax reasons, but we need proof that they are students. This usually means that each student must present a certificate of student status obtained by their college or university. It is therefore important for the owners or their representatives to inform the tax unit of the student`s name, the date on which their lease contract begins and the duration. Then we can contact them to check their status. You must give us access to the accommodation in order to carry out an inspection before it remains free. At the end of your lease, you must: if a family member or close friend dies, it can be difficult to think about their affairs. The first thing to do is to inform us in writing for 28 days that the lease must be terminated. Rentals are available from our local housing offices. You must inform us if (after 28 days) you want the lease to expire. Leases must end on a Sunday and the rent is payable until the end of the lease.

“We are working hard to create new Council housing through our affordable housing program.” All fittings, whether installed by the Council or by you, become the property of the Council if the land is empty and they must remain. If you are renting a property, you must inform the council of the name or name of the tenant, the date the lease begins and the duration.