It is worth repeating that SEBI does not seek to limit sharing agreements upwards, but to ensure transparency. Companies continue to file upward information sharing statements based on offering or listing research documents, including Security and Intelligence Services (India) Limited, which submitted their offer form to SEBI in September 2016, but were listed in August 2017, as well as MAS Financial Services Limited, CMS Info Systems Limited and TCNS Clothing Co Limited. , all submitted after the january 2017 amendment, which were communicated by SEBI. Technical analysis is a method that takes historical models into account in the price of a stock and in the trading volume of a security. Technical analysts believe that price movements are trends, and these managers use graphs to determine the upward trend in a stock`s price. For example, when the share price is traded above a recent change in share prices, there is an explosion. For example, if a stock trades between $20 and $25 per share, the price deferral to 28 $US is a trigger, indicating that the share price has an upward trend of more than 28 $US. Upside not only refers to the potential capital gains of an investment, but is also a concept used to assess the success of a portfolio manager`s performance against a benchmark. For many investment funds, the investment objective is to exceed a particular benchmark index such as the Standard and Poor`s 500 Index. The catch-up ratio indicates how much the investment fund is down from the benchmark. The upward sharing agreement may be part of a share option plan adopted by the company for employees or a shareholder or employment contract to which the company itself is also a stakeholder. As a general rule, since the company is not a party to the agreement, compensation is not billed by or claimed by the company itself or other shareholders. In addition, such a transaction is not reported in connection with transactions with related parties between the company and its controlling shareholders or management.

Fundamental analysis assesses the upside price of a stock taking into account the investment firm`s ability to generate revenue and profits and make effective decisions about the company`s assets. Companies that pay their costs well and increase their profit margins have an upward trend. Companies can increase their revenue by opening new markets or adding a product line. Money managers who use basic analytics also take into account how a company effectively uses assets to generate revenue and profits. Upside Sharing agreements, also known as compensation structures or incentive pricing agreements, are usually concluded between an investor and the project promoter or key company founders or collaborators, provided that if the investor makes a profit on his investment at the time of his exit, some of that profit is shared with those people.