For the accommodation, the rental contract can be terminated after 60 days of one-year notice until the annual rental agreement, 30 days` notice for a monthly rental agreement and 7 days notice for a weekly rental contract. This will reduce arbitrary layoffs of landlords once they receive better offers from highly paid tenants. However, it appears that the commercial landlord is not able to remove a problematic tenant. One of the most important provisions is that landlords and tenants must sign leases of more than 500,000 rentals with clear terms of sale. What steps does your client (“KYC”) need to take before making a lease? It will solve the issue of informal agreements that have dominated the real estate sector for a long time. It should be noted, however, that the same bill, which aims to address the current problem of informal agreements, leaves a gap in maintaining oral and tacit agreements. A landlord cannot increase the rent to more than 10% per year. Then, it must pass the 90-day increase on to tenants. If the tenancy agreement is fixed, the landlord cannot increase the rent until the fixed term expires, unless the rental agreement provides for the rent.

In the case of the maintenance of oral and tacit tenancy contracts, the bill ironically maintains the informality of the leases, which has been the main cause of the discord between landlords and tenants. However, the efficiency of the companies determines the continuing informality, and the real solution will lie in the proper training of landlords and tenants and in the legal conditions that must be implied in each tenancy agreement. A tenancy agreement is a contract between a landlord and a tenant that defines the terms of their tenancy agreement. Yes, yes. Any term expressed explicitly or implicitly to exclude, restrict or amend the law becomes invalid. In addition, a clause requiring the other party to bear the costs or costs incurred in preparing the lease is also invalid. This means that, for example, a clause requiring the tenant to pay the landlord`s legal fees for the drafting of the tenancy agreement is void. A rental agreement may be implied in writing, by word of mouth, by a data message or by the behaviour of the parties. Under the new regulations, it is wise that with a consideration of more than 500,000 Shs (only 500,000 schillings), the lease must be enforceable in writing or in the form of a data message.

A lease agreement may be implied in all forms – verbal, written, electronic or by the conduct of the parties, unless the value of the lease is approximately $140 or more, it is not enforceable unless it is written or in the form of a data message or if it is the party against which the application is requested to admit the existence of the lease.