The Company and the Customer are parties to a Terminal Service Agreement dated February 1, 2010 (the Contract) with Contract Reference Number C100101, under which the Company is required to provide the Customer with terminal services for various petroleum products at the Company`s terminal at Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA. All conditions, provisions, agreements and conditions set forth in the Agreement shall remain in full force and effect. The terms and provisions of this Agreement are binding on the parties, their heirs, representatives, successors and addressees. This modification can be made by the parties by fax or e-mail/PDF, which constitutes an initial agreement. If a Vitol company terminates a Vitol terminal service contract associated with a breach of that contract by the group party, the provisions of section 5.1 do not apply to that Vitol terminal service contract. Terminaling Services Agreement – Commingled Products – Fuel Streamers, Inc. Terminalling Agreement of 27 October 2003, as amended by First Amendment to Terminalling Agreement of 1 November 2008, between MOP and Cross. . Sterin Its: President and Chief Financial Officer Signature Page Master Terminalling Services Agreement IN WITNESS OF OF HAVE properly executed this agreement on the aforementioned date. This supplement (“Supplement”) to the terminal service agreement of and between Phillips 66 Carrier LLC (“Carrier”) and Phillips 66 Company (“Company”) is dated December 19, 2013. From time to time, the operating company operates exclusively the Vancouver Concession Area and the operation of the Vancouver Concession Area by the operating company is subject to the terms of the Master Terminalling Agreement.

. Billing, billing and durationThis service surcharge/schedule for renewable diesel is subject to the same due date and due dates as indicated and agreed in the existing terminus service contract. The terminal and the customer are parties to this specific termination service contract of August 14, 2013, as amended (together the “Contract”), which provides for the storage and handling of various petroleum products in accordance with the terminal facilities indicated therein. In accordance with paragraph 23 (b) of the terminal agreement, the customer wishes, with the agreement of the operator, to assign the terminalling contract to the customer supplier. This first amendment to the Terminal Services Agreement (this “Amendment”) dates from September 28, 2018, but with effect from August 6, 2018 (“Effective Date of Amendment”), by and between Tesoro Great Plains Gathering & Marketing LLC (“TGP”) and Tesoro Refining & Marketing Company LLC (“Customer”).