The advice can be done by phone or in person and usually lasts about 30 minutes. One of our experienced lawyers will advise you on the text of the agreement and identify any changes. We will explain the impact of the agreement on future rights against your employer (usually – you will not be able to bring any). Has a transaction contract been offered to you by your employer? A transaction contract (formerly known as a compromise agreement) is designed to protect the employer, which is why it is extremely important for a worker to obtain the best independent advice. More information can be found in our staff guide on billing agreements. Transaction agreements are generally used as part of a pending employment contract, with the employee leaving the company after the conclusion. An agreement could be used where employment is still pending, but both parties want to settle a dispute. In some cases, payments are insufficient and staff can derive little or no benefit from them by signing an agreement, which is why we are often able to present a better legal situation to improve your exit conditions, for example by increasing pay and benefits and reducing legal obligations by simply using our expertise. to assess the merits of your employer`s rights and legal rights, often: At Morrish Solicitors, we have a dedicated team of experienced work lawyers who provide professional, confidential and clear advice on transaction agreements.

By agreeing to an agreement, you can continue and look to the future, while being properly compensated instead of spending a long period of time going through the trial of an employment tribunal. The agreement must provide details from the independent lawyer or counsel who manages the transaction on behalf of the employee. It is imperative that the employee receive legal advice from his or her advisor and a full explanation of all the information and that the advisor has the appropriate insurance and personal compensation to cover the costs or losses incurred by the employee. A transaction agreement has been commonly referred to as a compromise agreement until 2013 and is a legal contract between a worker and his employer, under which agreements are entered into voluntarily in the best interests of both parties. The main case of a transaction agreement is when an employment contract must be terminated, but it can also face disciplinary and benefit disputes. We have a long history of consulting such agreements in the United Kingdom. As a general rule, an employer will seek such an agreement if it wants to ensure that the worker does not claim action against him or her. The transaction agreement will record the terms agreed between the parties and ensure clarity and security. Then you should get immediate advice.

A lawyer will be required to sign any settlement agreement, but by asking a lawyer to negotiate at the beginning of the trial, you will maximize your chances of getting the best possible offer.