Exports to Malta were made possible by the transfer of contracts to RCI Italy, but this process is currently frozen due to problems related to the development of the agreements. A new solution is being sought and transfers may be possible in the future. An electric car would not be what it is, without the battery, an essential part that determines its autonomy. This key part can be rented with the Renault ZOE, depending on the distance travelled each year, as part of a package including maintenance and replacement. The Zoe and Kangoo prices have now changed into a timeless system where you simply pay for mileage. All others are based (currently) on both mileage and duration. Since you can transfer the lease without penalty if you sell the vehicle, most owners sign up for the longest term to keep prices low. A temporary agreement is totally unnecessary, as you only pay for the battery while you own the vehicle and your obligations expire when you sell the vehicle and transfer the battery lease. Will again post on the conclusion of the agreement. Hopefully it will reassure the owners of Twizy about the transfer of ownership/sale. You can contact me if you have any questions about battery rental. All Renault-Nissan agreements are with Maple Cross-based RCI Financial Services Ltd. You can contact the electric vehicle team directly at electricvehicles@rcibanque.com or on 0330 3310 220.

RCI is responsible for all Renault, Dacia, Nissan and Infinity Finance and is a subsidiary of RCI Banque based in Paris. The cost of these battery upgrades has been published, although the installation in the UK has never been available. Here are examples of RCI Battery Agreement documents for both individuals (including individual contractors) or companies (Ltd, plc). You can also download the battery proposal form, the first fact-finding form given to RCI to allow you to increase the contract document. The fact that Renault is considering “including” the cost of batteries makes sense, but I hope that is only an option. As I have personally noticed, there could be a lot of Twizys stationary in 2016! “One of the main reasons why the battery rental option was originally introduced was the reduction in the initial purchase price of a Renault EV in order to be as close as possible to that of an equivalent diesel vehicle. Recent improvements by the RV to the new Zoe in the UK mean that this financial gap has been narrowed and that we are able to offer consumers a simpler choice. So, without any current option for an alternative battery provider, it seems that the rental system is the current best option of the Twizy owner.