6. In each high school, technical and secondary school, all members of the federal construction committee are simultaneously broken down at least once a week for a period of preparation, provided that the association presents the names of its committee to the head of the school before the rolling board is established. Each meeting between the site manager and the works committee will take place during this period of joint preparation. In the event that members of other bargaining units represented by the Confederation are members of the Works Committee, these individuals are exempted from attending committee meetings during periods of joint preparation and the contracting authority provides coverage that it deems appropriate for the allocation of these members. When an emergency requires a meeting between the work manager and the works committee at a different date from the one mentioned above, the site manager provides the coverage he deems appropriate for the duties of the members of the work committee. 3. All employees in the bargaining unit who earn more than the amount covered in Section 2, but less than seventy-four thousand eight hundred and eight hundred and eight dollars (74,858) per year as of January 19, 2010, earn on the period mentioned above on the basis of the hourly rate of a worker who earns the amount covered in paragraph 2. 2.Any member of the bargaining unit may withdraw from his membership in the Federation and revoke his authorization by notifying the school district and the association in writing for a period of fifteen (15) days before the expiry of the agreement. (2) If the salary of the job to which a worker was reassigned is less than his previous salary, it is red red. Workers should not be replaced if they have to leave their positions because of their death, retirement or termination of employment, except for the size of the class or the preparatory period of the provisions of this agreement or by existing legislation.

3. In the event of dismissal, it is agreed that senior managers have the right to resign instead of an employee with less seniority in the position and/or classification. 4. To the extent that vacancies are due to new or extensive sabbatical programs, out-of-school, long-term sick leave, etc., or to obtain the use of class size and preparation schedules for this agreement, the school district will first reassign staff to any position or position for which the school district needs additional staff and for which the dismissed worker is qualified, first in a position in the field of certification and/or classification of the worker and, if such a position is not available, in another position available. (5) Para-profits subject to residency requirements and federal program guidelines, workers regularly hired and dismissed as a result of a reduction or termination of the program have the right, on the basis of seniority, to be in a free position similar to that held by the worker prior to the reduction or removal, or to a non-paid and unpaid job. In the event that there are no such positions at the time of the worker`s ouster, the worker will be placed on a preferential list for a period of two (2) years and, during that period, the vacancies for those positions will be filled by the workers on that list until they have had the opportunity to obtain such employment.