Understand that living with a roommate does not automatically make that person your best friend. In fact, you can`t even consider your roommate a friend at all. On the other hand, you could be great friends. The most important thing to understand is that the person you live with should be a good roommate: no more and no less. No law says that you agree with your roommate`s beliefs, values or preferences and dislikes. But a tolerant attitude allows you not to contradict each other, respectfully, without making a judgment on that person. Remember, it is quite possible that they do not agree with any of your values. Ideally, you can learn and grow by understanding someone else`s point of view. Avoiding confrontation usually means avoiding a problem that needs to be resolved sooner or later. Consider confrontation as a first step towards the solution and, as such, as the first step towards restoring a harmonious living environment.

But sometimes the confrontation fails, especially if the timing is wrong. Avoid confrontation if your roommate comes out of the door, yells at you or lays down. Consider the best time to approach your roommate or ask yourself to plan a comfortable time for both of you to sit and talk. After choosing a roommate, contact your roommate before arriving on campus. Your order letter from University Housing – Dining Services contains the name and address of your future roommate. Use the contact information provided to introduce yourself. As soon as you get to campus, you spend time meeting your roommate. Share your common interests and discuss your differences. Talk about things that you may not think are important, but that could lead to conflict and tense situations.

Once you have completed the online question “My College Roomie,” you can search for potential roommates. You can link with students who identify the system as a potential match, or who are looking for it yourself. Put yourself in the other person`s shoes. If you still don`t seem to see things from your roommate`s point of view, you may be free to contradict. But at least you`ve honestly tried to figure out where your roommate is coming from, which can give you the insight you need to understand why your roommate has certain beliefs when you don`t agree with them. Set the ground rules at an early stage and keep the lines of communication open throughout the year. Take the time to discuss the topics and put everything in the open. When conflicts arise, reflection on these topics can help resolve disputes before they become intractable. If you are faced with a particularly difficult situation, talk to your resident assistant. If your PR is unable to help you, they will refer you to someone who can. Below are proposed topics that you can discuss with your roommates. You have found the perfect match.

It`s great! You must confirm your roommate at My College Roomie to make sure you are connected in the awarding process. Roommate matches must be reciprocal — which means both sides have confirmed the game in My College Roomie — to be valid. Your myHousng is where you will be able to reach your housing application, sign your housing and es contract, find out who your roommate/Suitemate is and be able to email it, and much more. After the start of the school year, you can submit a room maintenance request and access many other options via your myHousing.