The DUP has no intention of doing so, either on Brexit or on the unprecedented votes on Monday or Tuesday`s budget. Yes, your trust and supply agreement with this Conservative government is dead. But what it retains is the ability to offer both to a Conservative government. That is the fundamental message in everything it does: without adopting a Brexit strategy that would satisfy their red line within the EU, the Conservatives will not be able to lead a functioning majority (meaning that the citizens of Brexit will not give in and accept that a border in the Irish Sea is a price worth paying for a hard Brexit). As a result, their support is an integral part of the ERG`s strategy. The bill is that the DUP will vote against the finance bill next week, it will prove conclusive with a critical mass of the Conservative party that May has lost her majority once and for all and must go. Downing Street later issued a statement stating that an agreement had been reached in principle between the Conservatives and the DUP. [23] A few hours later, in the early morning hours of Sunday, June 11, the statement was withdrawn when, according to Sky News, it was “exposed by mistake” and discussions between the Conservative Party and the DUP were still ongoing. [24] Williamson had outlined an agreement that would give “security and stability” to the government, but the DUP refused to complete – and simply stated that the discussions were “positive”. [25] On June 12, it was proposed that the Queen`s Speech, which was to set the government`s legislative agenda on June 19, could be postponed to give the DUP and the Conservatives more time to negotiate. [26] It has been reported that the ongoing dialogue could have delayed the start of Brexit negotiations with the EU, which were also due to start on 19 June. [27] When it comes to parliamentary affairs, what Donaldson and Dodds say is a more useful guide to reality than what the foster team might inform at some point.

The DuP teams at Westminster and Belfast often diverge on one side or the other, but what is really striking here is that there is some divergence between Dodds and Donaldson. The first speaks as if the agreement had already been concluded, while the second points out that it is not quite yet. The Telegraph reported last night that sources close to Arlene Foster had declared the confidence and delivery agreement of the dead party. This proposal was quickly dropped by Jeffrey Donaldson, the party leader, within minutes of the breakup. So, who`s right? The Brexit withdrawal agreement negotiated by Theresa May`s government [88] and the revised deal of Boris Johnson`s government were not backed by the DUP, which voted against the law in the House of Commons. [89] In September 2017, for the first time since the agreement was signed with the Conservatives, the DUP broke up to support Labour`s non-binding demands on tuition fees and payment of NHS staff. DUP Whip leader Jeffrey Donaldson insisted that the vote “does not threaten the agreement” and noted that the party “maintains the right to vote on the basis of our own manifesto” in its agreement with the government. [79] On 31 July 2019, Arlene Foster, Chair of the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland (DUP), said her party would not apologise for providing “an additional billion pounds” to Northern Ireland.