The current exchange rate is the current rate indicated for the purchase or sale of a currency pair. At this rate, trade must take place immediately after the trade agreement. Futures exchange rates are affected by changes in spot rates. They tend to increase when spot rates rise and fall when spot rates drop. Any modification or modification or complement or replacement of any of the terms of this agreement is made through negotiations between the department and the association. Sometimes a futures contract is created for a transaction that has been cancelled. In this case, it can be compensated by a second futures contract. This will relieve the company`s obligations, but will bear a second one. To do so, both parties must agree to terminate the contract prematurely. The decision of the arbitration body (or the sole arbitrator if the alternative procedure has been invoked) is limited to the dispute or issue contained in the statement or statements or statements made by the parties, and the decision must not alter, complete, modify or displease a provision of that agreement.

The Board of Directors began withdrawing its currency under the presentation by the new monetary authorities during 2 shillings 4 pence per dollar, in accordance with the provisions of the monetary treaty. When an arbitration body is appointed under the control of this compromise clause, the costs of the members of the arbitration commission are, if applicable, paid as follows: the association bears the fees and expenses of the member it has chosen; The division bears the fees and fees of the member it has chosen; the president`s fees and expenses are divided equally between the association and the department. However, if the parties opt for the alternative procedure, the single arbitrator`s fees and expenses are divided equally between the association and the department. This type of contract is legally binding and the currency pair must be traded at a price determined by the parties holding the contract on the delivery date. This allows investors to increase their earnings by speculating on exchange rate changes or avoiding a loss. These contracts are put on the market every day, which means that investors can sell before the delivery date. The value of the foreign currency in question can sometimes vary considerably after the signing of this type of contract, allowing the company to pay much more or less than expected. The longer the term of the contract, the greater the risk.

Where there is a difference between the parties or persons bound by the agreement or in the name of which it was concluded with respect to its content, service, application or violation, the aggrieved party shares the other party within thirty-five (35) days of course from the date on which the victim was the victim of the event leading to the dispute or alleged violation. , is informed in writing that he wishes to have negotiated the difference. If the alleged dispute or violation between the parties is not resolved, the victim, after being informed of the dismissal of the appeal, refers the dispute to an arbitrator or arbitration proceeding within 30 days of additional court or the period during which the parties can agree to each other, in accordance with this requirement. The price is determined at the time of signing the contract and confirmed on the date of delivery, regardless of the value of the currency.