Standard agreement The ITF standard agreement is usually signed as a result of industrial action or when it is found that a company has breached a previous agreement. This is the most expensive deal for the ship owner. Both ships – Star Masaya (Marshall Islands flag, IMO 9166663) and SDL Maya (Panama flag, IMO 9384784) – have flags of convenience, but the crew of one of them is protected by the collective agreement approved by the International Transport Workers` Federation (ITF) and the crew of other ships is not. They reaffirmed the existence of a fair collective agreement for each vessel that will conduct a flag of convenience. In the event of an ITF agreement, a crew member should expect the employer to comply. In the event of a problem, the person concerned should contact an FTI inspector or a representative of a local shipping union. The International Transport Workers` Federation (ITF) believes that this extension means that employers should focus on qualification and professionalism. This would benefit everyone – crew, passengers and businesses – much better than crushing every last failure in a resentful staff and then recruiting them again and again. To find out if there is a union agreement for the cruise ship you wish to work on or join, you can contact the ITF….