Thus, employees in a bargaining unit choose an organization as their exclusive representative (the vast majority of ranked California employees are represented by CSEA). Union representatives meet with the employer and discuss issues until they reach a “provisional agreement” (AT). No agreement is final until it has been approved (ratified) by chapter members and the school board. If the agreement is approved, it will become a binding treaty and both parties will have to abide by their provisions. Contracts vary from district to district, but generally cover similar topics. It creates a solid foundation on which we can all build in the years to come. According to the California Federation of Teachers (AFT, AFL-CIO), the same union representing the CCFF, the district`s investment in its faculty has resulted in a prominent place in the faculty`s national salary rankings. The 2017-18 Report On Full-Time Faculty Salary Comparisons, Cerritos College`s compensation package for full-time faculties is above the average for all 72 Community College districts in California. Based on the majority of points of comparison, cerritos College`s faculty ranks fourth in the state for teachers with a master`s degree and five years of experience. Collective bargaining is the two-way process between an employer and a union and determines everything from wages and health care to working hours and working conditions. The end result of collective bargaining is a legally binding contract that clearly describes workers` rights and benefits.

Life Before Collective BargainingCSEA supported legislation that set collective bargaining for California public employees….