Leases, applications, rentals, signing or termination of a rental agreement, repairs, with a property manager, rental manager For a business share apartment, a member`s rights and obligations are generally stipulated in the company`s statutes. In addition, some corporate equity properties have a separate service contract that the purchaser must enter into when the property is colonized. The relevant section seems to ignore the fact that at the “first meeting” is the constituent session of the proprietary company at the time when the developer is the sole member of the owner company. The section therefore appears, at this first meeting, to terminate any management agreement that the promoter had previously entered into, but does not prevent the owner company (controlled by the promoter) from entering into a long-term administrative agreement at the First CEM. It is difficult to believe that this was ever the intention of the author, and I hope that the text is a consequence of the fact that the author of the person in question does not understand the practical aspects of the time and the manner in which the constituent session takes place. It is also likely that the “benefits” take on very broad importance and extend to contracts with companies in which the developer has some kind of financial interest, as well as contracts entered into in circumstances where the developer gets an advantage if the owner enters into such an agreement – that is exactly the scenario of an agreement on the management rights of the plan. A proprietary company (formerly an entity) manages the common ownership of a residential, commercial, commercial, industrial or mixed real estate development. With regard to the body`s business leaders, the legislation provides that if a developer appoints a proprietary company manager before the first meeting of the owner company, the agreement expires at that first meeting. Although “autonomous management” of members is an option, it is strongly recommended that a professional management company be appointed to ensure that owner companies are managed in accordance with the provisions and provisions of the act and its regulations as amended. Owners should also keep in mind that “standard rules” or “additional rules” (depending on what is included in the subdivision plan) may also apply within the boundaries of a building and apply to all residents, i.e.

all residents. Owners and tenants. A representative of the Owners Corporation, which is an impartial body, is able to apply these rules in order to ensure little or no disharmony among inmates.