The objectives of a consultant relationship can be rather unclear. Help yourself and your advisor align yourself by assembling a signed agreement stating that the founder`s FAST agreement was a good place to start, but their allocation percentage proposals can be somewhat simplified and do not contain standard corporate safeguards. Since the last fast agreement update (2017), several laws, including employment, have changed. By using the FAST agreement for job offers to your advisors, you can easily tick a few boxes, sign the agreement and start working without too much time. And one of the biggest problems many startups face is a well-defined agreement for consultants working for a new company. No one was able to get the exact format on how to reach a fair agreement. That`s why the founding institute developed the FAST agreement model for entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, of course, you want to compensate consultants for the time they spend supporting your business. But you have no idea how much equity you need to offer the advisor for their support. This and once you have agreed to the initial terms, you will quickly be inundated with legal documents, including options, legal arrangements and more. That`s why we asked the team of Wilson Sonsini, one of the world`s leading law firms, to establish a model agreement for founders and business consultants that can serve as a model. You can download the model for free below: the FAST agreement is for a mentor or advisor who plays an advisory role in the company.

The FAST consultant agreement contains important information that defines the contractual rules. This includes: the FAST agreement is used annually by many entrepreneurs and consultants to establish a productive working relationship, support for standardised quality and trade support. The founding institute developed the FAST agreement to help future entrepreneurs in startups around the world create boards and interact with mentors with whom they interact throughout the program. With a single signature and a check on the FAST consultant agreement, consultants and contractors can agree in a matter of minutes on how to work together, how the compensation for the shares is correct and what needs to be achieved.