Maintain public liability, property damage and worker insurance and insurance for all their fire and other insurable assets at the responsible insurance agencies, as long as they are normally maintained by similar companies and/or in the exercise of good business judgment, and as provided by the borrower`s insurance agreement, the bank being designated as Lenders Paye for such policies. The company informed us that an insurance confirmation, an insurance ID card, an insurance check, proof of insurance or an agreement to provide insurance were acceptable forms of proof of insurance. The borrower provided the Bank with proof of the insurance coverage required under this agreement to cover the borrower`s insurance in the form, content, risk-covering amounts and businesses satisfactory to the bank and, if requested by the bank, bear a loss note in favour of the bank. The company has informed us that an insurance supply agreement, an insurance control form or a screenshot of the company`s insurance control system, each of which lists an insurance name, is acceptable proof of insurance. We do not provide any assurance as to the validity or applicability of the contract for the provision of insurance or insurance forms or the authenticity of the screenshots of the company`s insurance verification system.