If a tenant no longer wishes to rent your property, he must inform you that he does not intend to renew his lease 60 days before the end date of the lease. For example, if your lease ends on June 30, they must inform you in writing before April 30 that they will leave the property at the end of their lease. By requiring this in the rental agreement, you, the landlord, have enough time to find a new tenant. While some home managers and landlords prefer 30 days or 90 days` notice for a fixed-term rental agreement, 60 days` notice gives you a reasonable amount of time to find the right candidate without feeling rushed, finding a tenant and ending up with an empty unit. 60 days` notice will also prevent you from planning too far in advance and considering the possibility for a tenant to change their mind about the evacuation and extend it as the rental date approaches. In another scenario, this tenant may have broken the terms of the lease in some way or caused problems for you and your property. If you find yourself in this situation, it is understandable that you are not comfortable offering a lease renewal to this tenant. You must send a 60-day notification to your tenant to have the letter evacuated (either by email, mail, or through the front door), with your justification in the written notification. A 60-day notice (or a notice of non-renewal) goes both ways! While some tenants are familiar with the 60-day notice period for non-renewal, others won`t. In this context, it is best to remind tenants about 70-75 days in advance (from the end of the lease) of their 60-day responsibility.

This gives them plenty of time to think about their options and prevents your tenants from forgetting to notify you properly. If they do not correctly announce the non-administration, the lease must indicate that the tenant is responsible for paying the rent for 60 days from the date of sending the notification. For example, if they had to send the notification before April 30, but not before May 15, they are responsible for the rent until July 14 – only if you don`t find a new tenant before that date. If you plan to offer a renewal contract to your tenant, you can send them the new terms (new rental fees, additional monthly fees, etc.) with the warning. You can do this either by email or by leaving the written memory of your front door, whichever is easiest for you! An eviction notice or statement of intent is a written notice/letter to your landlord clarify your rental agreement and evacuate your apartment or house. Notice of intent to evict may be made for any term of the lease, including monthly, short-term, annual or beyond leases. An official eviction notice may also be issued or required for leases with an official end date. In most countries, a tenant must provide a landlord with 30 days` written notice of the intention to terminate the lease. In most cases, a tenant can resign at any time during the month. However, if the lease provides that a tenant can only terminate on a given day of each month, the tenant must wait until that day to cancel.

RENEWAL. This lease is not designed to be automatically renewed at the end of the term for which it was drawn, but the intention of the tenants to renew this contract is accepted. All parties must sign a new agreement to activate an extension period….